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Introducing Data Locking and Start of Year Entry

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We are pleased to announce that we have added the following features and completed the below updates to our services.      

Data locking

The Data Locking feature is a function designed to lock past-year transaction history and profit and loss results.

This feature addresses the following concerns and uncertainties you may have:

  • Worries about accidentally deleting past-year history.
  • Changes in the calculation results of past fiscal years that have already been reported due to the addition of new history in past years.

With the introduction of this new feature, as of September 27, 2023 (Wednesday), the profit/loss results and transaction history for past fiscal years (*1) will be automatically locked. You do not need to perform any data locking tasks on your end.

(*1) If the year end month setting is set to December, history prior to December 31, 2022, will be locked. 

Transaction history that has been locked will be displayed in gray on “Transactions” page as shown below. Please rest assured that the service will continue to be available for use.

transaction page en.png

Start of year entry

This is a feature that allows you to import calculation results from other company tools seamlessly.

For the profit/loss calculation, it is generally necessary to upload all transaction history. However, by using this feature and adding a starting balance (position) and a unit price (acquisition cost) for each coin, there is no need to import history from previous fiscal years. This makes it easier for users to switch from other calculation services.

For information on finding your starting balances and unit prices, please refer to this help page for further instructions.

This feature helps alleviate the following concerns and uncertainties you may have:

  • Not knowing how to switch from other companies.
  • The hassle of uploading all transaction history from scratch. You want to leverage the calculation results from the previous fiscal year.

Please note that using this feature requires information regarding your start of year balances and unit prices for each coin/token you own.

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New File Format

  • MEXC Global: support new file header for trades file. For details on how to handle fees, please check here.
  • DMM bitcoin: support new file header for cashflow file.

New Transaction Type (File)

  • SBI VC Trade: support “XDCがもらえる取引キャンペーン” on cashflow file. 

DeFi Feature

  • Fees when depositing LP tokens are taken into account.


  • UI Update: The onboarding process for new user logins has been updated, resulting in a reduction of the number of steps in the assistant function from 7 to 6.
  • Screen Display Update: We have changed the Japanese text for book value from 簿価 to 平均取得単価.
  • Update for handling of cryptocurrency transaction fees: See here for details on this update.

The updated features are available here.

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