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Plan related to our asset management services.


Free Plan
Base price
Yealy amount (tax incl.)
Global exchange files
Custom transactions
Custom Subcategory Support※2
Upload file size※3〜50MB
Year-end Unrealized gains/losses
Ledger download
Advanced ledger settings
Corporate Unrealized P&L Support

※1Cryptact has optional functionality to group consecutive, similar transactions into one transaction. The transaction count used for payment plans is the number of transactions prior to grouping.

※2To learn more about custom subcategories, click <support>here</support>.

※3The limit applies to the size of the uploaded file, or the size of the file contained within an upload file.

Ideabook prices

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Ideabook is currently free.


General help

Our answers to the most common pricing related questions.

  • Can I try it for free?

    Yes, we offer a free trial with a demo.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept both credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) and cryptocurrencies (BTC and others).

  • Can I change my plan after purchasing it?

    Yes, when you upgrade your plan, changes are applied immediately and you will pay only the difference. When you downgrade your plan, changes are applied at the end of your current billing cycle.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, when you cancel your plan, it remains in effect until the expiry date. We do not offer refunds for cancelled plans.

If you have more question, please visit our <support>support page</support>.

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