Why Cryptact?

Simple to use with robust
customer support

Just upload your transaction history and Cryptact does the rest. A full suite of support services and a comprehensive online guide are available to help you if you get stuck.

Widest support for exchanges and
coins in the industry

Cryptact supports more exchanges and coin types than any other equivalent software in the industry, and is one of the only platforms to also support Defi transactions.

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Manage all your assets
in realtime

Wondering what your overall portfolio value is? Or how much you've spent acquiring a certain token? Or what your latent gains are on a cryptocurrency? Cryptact helps you see all of your investments and make better informed decisions, all in realtime.

Comprehensive Support

If you are not sure how to get set up, you can contact our customer support desk for assistance. We also have an extensive help guide.

Easy setup with API-based linkage. Built to scale.

More than 5 million records per year can be handled in a single Cryptact account. All you need is your API key to connect to an exchange.

Automatically identify DeFi transactions

Enter your wallet address into Cryptact and transaction types will be identified automatically. Cryptact is the only service in Japan capable of this, significantly reducing manual work.

Used by professionals

Due to Cryptact’s high level of tax law compliance and up-to-the-minute accuracy it has become the choice of tax accountants and independent investors alike. But don’t let that scare you – Cryptact is very easy to use.


It supports various calculation methods.

Smart Alerts

Get alerted when you have missing entries from your history.

Broad Support

Support for a variety of transaction types and 1000's of currencies.

Full Compliance

We fully support USD and JPY taxation methods.

Your entire portfolio in one place

We show you your tax-adjusted cost basis, for every currency you own. In addition, we show you a summary of the locations of your transactions as well as the fees paid at each venue to help you optimize your trading.

Your entire portfolio updating in real time

Take control of your investment portfolio by tracking price movements in real time. Get an overview of your entire asset family with comprehensive reporting and full transaction history.

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Simulate trades to make better investment decisions

You can add planned transactions to your ledger to calculate the likely impact on your tax liability. The impact of a trade can be vastly different depending on your accounting method and we make it easy to plan ahead.

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DeFi Features for Advanced Users

Simply enter your wallet address into cryptact
and all your DeFi transactions are automatically listed.

Examples of supported blockchains/services

Automatically identify DeFi transactions

By linking your wallet address, the transaction details are automatically identified and reflected in the profit and loss calculation. Cryptact analyzes DeFi transactions on a daily basis to improve the automatic identification rate of transaction details. We also offer the ability to test what percentage of your DeFi transactions can be automatically identified.

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Centralized DeFi management

Have you ever lost track of your transactions in the multitude of various transaction types and chains? Cryptact can centrally manage all your transaction history by linking wallet addresses for each chain.

Customer trust and data security

Cryptact has been certified by JAPHIC, an accreditation system for personal information protection, recognized as a business entity developing and operating a system to take appropriate personal information protection measures in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Since Cryptact’s launch, two-stage authentication has introduced information protection capabilities, but we have also built a more sustainable management system. We are committed to building a service that can be used with peace of mind by our customers.