Support Policy

Effective Date: August 25, 2022
Last Updated: April 30, 2024

How to contact support

All cryptact users, regardless of their subscription plans, can contact support via the “Support” button at the bottom-right corner of our help center.
Currently, we only accept inquiries via the above, and we are not set up to handle inquiries via telephone or any other means.
For basic information on cryptact’s functionalities and how to use them, please refer to the help center.

Support hours

Our support hours are as follows.
Support hours: 10:00~17:00 JST (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end, and new year holidays)
Support languages: Japanese, English

We will respond to user inquiries in the order that they are received.

Please note that it may take longer than usual to respond after the holidays, during busy periods, or depending on the nature of the user’s inquiry. Inquiries received after 17:00 on weekdays will be handled on the next working day.

Things to be aware of with regards to support

Please be aware that users may be asked to provide the following information in order for us to respond to inquiries promptly and accurately.

  • Registered E-mail address
  • Environment in which cryptact is being used (browser version, device used, etc.)
  • Re-cap of the issue (procedures/steps taken, error messages, screenshots, exchange name, coin name, file type, etc.)
  • Other criteria

The above information is needed in order for us to respond to user inquiries and to respond to issues. We may not be able to provide sufficient help if we do not have sufficient information.
Please be aware that we may ask additional questions in order to understand the inquiry accurately.
Before sending screenshots to us, please make sure the private information is deleted or not visible.
We do not disclose to our users which staff is assigned to their inquiries and we do not allow users to specify which staff gets assigned to their inquiries either. In addition, please note that the staff assignment may change during the course of support handling.

The information we collect from users is handled responsibly and appropriately. Please refer to pafin Privacy Policy for more details.

Support scope

Our support desk provides information on cryptact’s functionalities, how to use them and how to deal with issues that may arise.

  • How to register and configure cryptact
  • How to use cryptact
  • cryptact’s functionalities
  • Information on the devices and browsers required to use cryptact
  • How to deal with issues that occurred in environments where cryptact’s operation is guaranteed
  • Information on new functions and changes

The following are not included in the support scope:

  • Detailed examination and verification of the transaction history added to cryptact and validation of calculation results
  • Registering and configuring cryptact on behalf of users
  • Answering questions about other companies' products and services (how to operate, how to set up, how to deal with issues when they occur). These include questions about the following:
    • The operating system, etc. on which the server and the browser are running on
    • Other hardware (network equipment, monitors, printers, USB memory sticks, etc.)
    • Terminals (computers, smartphones, etc.)
    • Software other than cryptact (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Answering questions about all problems that may occur when using the software in an environment for which cryptact does not guarantee the operation
  • Answering questions related to accounting journal entries for individual companies
  • Providing information which we may be held legally responsible for (contents related to various tax laws and regulations, contents that require inputs from specialist organizations)
  • Providing information on taxation, tax saving, etc. in tax returns that violates the Certified Public Tax Accountants Act or other laws and regulations
Please be aware that this Support Policy is subject to change without notice.