Feature Update

Announcing support for Base and Polygon zkEVM chain

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We are pleased to announce that we have completed the following updates to our services.  

New Blockchain

  • Base
  • Polygon zkEVM

New Exchange

  • Binance Japan: For file uploads, click here / For API integration, click here. ※ If you've switched from Binance Global to Binance Japan, please proceed to use Binance Japan's file or API integration on Binance Global. Note that it is not possible to use both Binance Japan and Binance Global simultaneously to upload trade history.

New File Type

  • Bybit: Bybit/Affiliate Commission (Account Balance)
  • Bybit: Bybit/Unified Trading Account

New File Format

  • KuCoin: support new file header for KuCoin/Trades
  • MEXC: support excel files for MEXC Global/Trades


  • Kraken: Process improvement for trades file
  • OKX: Change the handling of fees for trades file
  • Added a new payment method: Bank Transfer (click here)

The updated features are available here.

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