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Realized Profit and Loss calculation for your cryptocurrency investment



Unlike stocks and FX, you can easily send and receive cryptocurrencies instantly at any time. Because of this, calculating profit and loss of your cryptocurrency investment spreading over multiple exchanges are difficult. tax@cryptact solves this problem and launched in December 2017. The service has been already used by more than 30,000 registered users as well as 30 tax accountant offices.

Supported exchanges and coins

Supported cryptocurrencies

More than


Supported exchanges


More than 2,800 coins are supported. The number of supported exchanges is 33 and increasing.



Supported by 30,000 clients. Supports various types of trades

tax@cryptact has been used more than 30,000 clients. We can handle more than 2,800 cryptocurrencies and 33 exchanges. We recognize various trade types such as buy/sell (including leveraged/FX), purchase goods, lending, hard fork, mining, airdrop, and network fee. You can also choose USD and EUR for reporting currency. We support USD taxations as well such as wash sale.


Book value calculation with minute-by-minute price

When you exchange cryptocurrencies, you need to obtain those cryptocurrencies’ prices in fiat. tax@cryptact uses minute-by-minute prices for most of the cases to have greater accuracy compared to services using daily prices. Please try tax@cryptact if you trade multiple times in a day such as bot trades.


Detailed support documentation and Helpdesk support

tax@cryptact provides detailed support documentation including how to obtain trade history from exchanges, how we calculate, how to deal with invalid transactions caused by missing information( Email support is also available and we’d reply within 3 business days in average.

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Looking for a tax accountant?
(Japan residents only)

  • Plan Specifics

    80,000 ~ 150,000 JPY

    If your FY2018 capital gains are more than 1.5M Yen:

    Fixed rate of 150,000 Yen

    If your FY2018 capital gains are less than 1.5M Yen:

    80,000 Yen or 10% of your capital gains, whichever is greater.

    If your capital gains exceed 30M Yen, there may be additional charges as the risk to our partner offices increases.

  • Requirements


    Your income must consist only of ordinary income (salary) and cryptocurrency capital gains.

    If you have other classes of income, the rate may be increased. Please ask upon introduction.


    Please prepare for trade histories by yourself.

    If you have transaction history that you can’t obtain or need significant help with to aggregate there may be additional charges. In some cases it may not be possible to make an introduction if your data is very inconsistent.


    This rate is for FY2018 only.

    If you need preparation for previous tax years there may be additional charges. Please ask upon introduction.

    Cryptact Ltd. is not responsible nor liable for any dispute that may arise between you and our partnering offices.During peak periods it may not be possible to make a timely introduction.

Please note

Cryptact only introduces tax accountants, and we are not aware of any conversation between you and the tax accountant after that.
Cryptact won’t guarantee the service offered by tax accountants.Additionally, due to the limited resources, we may not be able to respond all of the requests we receive.

Tax accountant introduction form

Please fill in the following form if you’d like to apply this plan.

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