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Cryptact Grid

Comprehensive Cryptoasset Investment Management Platform

We’re building a one-stop portal for Cryptoasset / Cryptocurrency investors which covers the complete investment lifecycle: 1) idea generation 2) analysis/investigation 3) execution and 4) portfolio management/reporting.



  • Services by Investment professionals 

    Services by Investment professionals

    Cryptact founders have more than 40 years collective experience in technology and institutional investment management. With our knowledge and experience, we are determined to provide quality technology solutions for Cryptoasset investment.

  • Transparency 


    In the world of institutional investment, traceability and transparency are paramount to any service. We uphold these standards in all of our offerings so that our clients can verify the results of our services. Our calculation method is published in our help page in great detail, and our support desk provides all the necessary information you need.

  • Security 


    Security is the is one of our highest priorities at Cryptact. In addition to best practices for account security, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is available and you can choose SHA1 as well as SHA256/512 for better security if you like.

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JAPHIC Certification

In December 2019, the JAPHIC, an accreditation system for personal information protection, recognized as a business entity developing and operating a system to take appropriate personal information protection measures in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Since its launch, two-stage authentication has introduced information protection capabilities, but we have also built a more sustainable management system.

We are committed to building a service that can be used with peace of mind by our customers.