portfolio@cryptact highlights

  • Latent gains & losses
  • Latent Gains & Losses

  • Instantly view your latent gains and losses depending on your selected accounting method. Utilize tax shields and analyze how trades will impact your tax burden.
  • Realtime Prices
  • Over 1,600 Realtime Prices

  • We provide realtime prices for over 1,600 cryptocurrencies. You can also select and view your portfolio in USD or EUR.
  • tax@cryptact synergies
  • Linked to tax@cryptact

  • Based on your ledger in tax@cryptact, accurately view your current position and cost basis.

Grasp your portfolio in an instant

Market and book value charts
View total trade proceeds and commissions paid

Just upload your data to tax@cryptact and you are done


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How to use your portfolio view


Knowing the market value of your portfolio in relation to your cost basis is very difficult given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges also do not make it easy to see how much you have paid in total commissions. To solve these issues and more we created portfolio@cryptact as the first step to building more knowledgeable investors.

An industry first. Specializing in cryptocurrency asset management

There are already many services which offer realtime market values for your portfolio. The differentiating factor for portfolio@crypact was our focus on utilizing your accurate ledger of transactions to provide you with reliable latent gains and losses depending on your accounting method. We are continually working on adding more functionality and analysis tools.

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Linking our other services


Upon launching our comprehensive investment support platform grid@cryptact, we launched our second service, portfolio@cryptact, in March of 2018. Following upon the success of our first service, tax@cryptact, we look to offer practical and accurate tools to help you invest.