Ideabook is an investment social networking service that allows individuals around the world to share ideas and strategies across the asset spectrum. It is designed from the ground up to ensure transparency while providing a rich game-like experience within a large global community of investors.

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Helping you take the first step

For many investing can be a daunting process. Ideabook can help you overcome your concerns and take your first step.


You can build multi-asset portfolios that will be tracked and evaluated real-time, without ever worrying about putting up capital to invest.

Social investment

You can browse the many ideas of others, see what they are thinking and initiate discourse on the spot to broaden your horizons and find new ideas.

Find talented forecasters

As Ideabook is fully transparent with actual, immutable track records, you are very likely to find genuinely talented investors on our platform.


What is Ideabook?

Ideabook is a platform that lets you showcase your talents, discover new ideas and grow within a global community of investors -- from beginners to experts alike.

Create your idea

You can post your investment ideas as a portfolio of both long and short assets, utilizing equities, FX and cryptocurrencies.

Build your identity

See who is creating investment strategies and their track record. Build your own identity and compare your achievements with others.

Give and get feedback

SNS functions such as liking, bookmarking and following investment ideas are also available. You can also communicate with people from all over the world about your investment ideas.

Compete with others

You can view investment idea rankings from a variety of perspectives, including returns, number of views and bookmarks. You can also search by assets, so you can see a list of ideas including those you are interested in.

How to

Ideabook tutorial

A collection of videos and articles to help you start with Ideabook

Service Concept

Invest the way you play.

It's exciting to anticipate the future.

It's thrilling to foresee economic possibility.

It's exhilarating to express yourself.

And these emotions are best felt shared.

As in games and sports,
wins and losses are both assets.

Investing is your sport, your game.

In the way children grow by doing, by playing,
investing teaches you to reinvent yourself.

Technology is recreating our world,
from our values, our money and the basis of our trust.

In this new world, we are all still children.

So win or lose, your game goes on.

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