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Crypto-asset/currency investment management, profit & loss calculations and support for tax filing, all in one place.

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Cryptact Grid Solutions

We're building a one-stop portal for Crypto-asset / Cryptocurrency investors which covers the complete investment lifecycle: 1) idea generation 2) analysis/investigation 3) execution and 4) portfolio management/reporting.

Industry-leading ledger functionality

Unlike traditional financial products, you can easily transfer cryptocurrencies instantly at any time which means that calculating profit and loss of your cryptocurrency investment spreading over multiple exchanges are difficult. Launched in December of 2017, Cryptact Grid provides a comprehensive solution to this problem.

Covering every variety of transaction across thousands of currencies
We support all transaction types including buy/sell (including leveraged and FX), purchasing goods/services, lending, hard forks, mining, airdrops, and network fees. You can choose between Yen (JPY), US Dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR) as your reporting currency. We support USD taxation methods as well such as short and long-term capital gains.

Minute-by-minute price lookups for unrivaled accuracy
In order to create a fiat-based ledger, when you exchange cryptocurrencies you need to obtain those cryptocurrencies' prices in your reporting currency. We use minute-by-minute prices for nearly all of our coins to have greater accuracy compared to services using daily prices. For traders who do frequent intraday trading, we can accurately calculate your cost basis and profit &amp; loss.

Support for high-frequency / large ledgers
With support for up to 2 million transactions per year, all of your high-frequency, derivative and algorithmic trades can be fully calculated and visualized in your ledger. Derivatives use their own accounting method and all profit / loss calculations reflect this product-by-product classification.

Calculate your profit/loss effortlessly!

Broad exchange and currency support

By uploading your transaction history from any of our supported exchanges you can quickly build your ledger and calculate your profitt/loss. For exchanges that we do not yet support you can upload custom files as well! We are always looking to expand our compatibility -- please contact support with any requests!





Your entire portfolio in one place

We show you your tax-adjusted cost basis, for every currency you own. In addition, we show you a summary of the locations of your transactions as well as the fees paid at each venue to help you optimize your trading.

Trading simulations
You can add planned transactions to your ledger to calculate the likely impact on your tax liability. The impact of a trade can be vastly different depending on your accounting method and we make it easy to plan ahead. We have highlighted this functionality and its importance via our media partners -- please take a look at the link below.

Coinpost article (Japanese only)

Enterprise for professionals

On top of all features of Cryptact Grid, Enterprise accounts offer more detailed calculation results, functionality to manage multiple accounts, and better support turnaround time. We're actively responding feedback from our partners and quickly evolving the service.

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At Cryptact, customer trust and data security are critical!

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Frequently asked questions

For any other inquiries, please contact support.

  • I don't know how to find my transaction history

    Please visit out support site, we offer step-by-step help for each exchange we support.

  • How much does your service cost?

    For individuals please see our <pricing>pricing</pricing> page for plan rates. For tax professionals and tax offices please <enterprisesignup>apply</enterprisesignup> from our Enterprise sign up page.

  • I've never filed my taxes before, what do I do?

    We offer a referral program to our tax office partners -- please try it out!

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