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About us

What is Cryptact?

To be a gateway onto a world where you empower you.

Cryptact is originally a group of financial and technology professionals who saw the revolution that cryptocurrencies and blockchain would bring to their industry. For the last two years we have been continually building out services and platforms that we ourselves would want to use. The evolution that will take crypto from revolutionary to ordinary is filled with issues and dilemmas that must be solved. We hope to play a part in that solution.

Our founding group consists of former Goldman Sachs professionals who saw a dire need for usability and accessibility to improve in order for crypto to become mainstream. As one of the nations leading the drive in blockchain technologies, we believe Japan is a cornerstone of this revolution that will usher in the next phase of humanity’s economic growth.

Our services

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    Cryptact Grid


    Comprehensive Cryptoasset Investment Management

    Cryptact Grid is our portal site with support for more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies. Our aim is support the entire investment lifecycle such as :
    (1) Idea generation
    (2) Analysis and investigation
    (3) Execution
    (4) Portfolio management and reporting


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    Chain Works

    Chain Works

    Building the Token Economy. Developing the next generation of Blockchain-driven financial products

    Our investment on R&D focuses on developing the next generation of financial products utilizing blockchains and smart contracts. In line with regulations and best business practices, our team of financial professionals are striving to provide solutions combining cryptoassets and financial technology.


  • JBA
  • BCCC
  • JCBA

Cryptact is a proud member of the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA), the Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC), and the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA).

Corporate Details

Name Cryptact Ltd
Location Ito Building 5F, Yotsuya 1-2, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan 160-0004
Founded on January 2018
Representative Directors Amin Azmoudeh, Co-CEO
Gaku Saito, Co-CEO
Equity 338,910,000 JPY (Including reserve)